05 May 2011

May books from Omnibus

In my house Too Many Monkeys needs to be acted out. Obviously the 'knock knock' must be rapped out on a nearby hard surface, but of course the most giggles are reserved for 'Someone's bottom is sitting on my head!' Ah, Margaret Wild's genius knows no bounds and Sally Rippin's colour palette is just right for the moment. Too Many Monkeys, first paperback release.

If you haven't noticed Omnibus Book's fabulous Mates! series yet, then you're going to have a nice surprise when you click over here to see the feast of lovely covers. This series is a smorgasbord of Australian literary and artistic talent. And Buzz Off, by Randa Abel-Fattah and Dan McGuiness is no exception. Out this month.

Omnibus is very pleased to be re-releasing a classic of Australian children's literature this month, Robin Klein's Boss of the Pool, with a wonderfully fresh new cover. 

I've saved our most exciting new book for last. Stresshead by Allayne Webster is set to be a big hit. The second book from this fresh new voice in young adult fiction, this novel is a funny, wry and first-hand account of trying to cope with the almost overwhelming burden of being sixteen. And the cover totally rocks, doesn't it?!

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