05 December 2014

More praise for Figgy

'I cannot remember when the demise of a goat has ever affected me much, but I felt more than a pang when Kwame exited the pages of Figgy in the World, Tamsin Janu’s début novel of an endearing young heroine and her pet ...' Ruth Starke, ABR

'Figgy is my literary hero for 2014, against very stiff competition.' Emily Gale, The Best Junior Fiction Books of 2014, Readings

You can read more about the promising young author Tamsin Janu here.

03 December 2014

Books for Birls and Goys

'Children should have the right to choose their own literature and we should be supporting them to carve their paths of interests instead of narrowing them. It is ignorant, old fashioned and ugly to isolate anybody from the beautiful freedom and escapism of the mind that reading for pleasure brings.' Laura Dockrill in The Guardian

Just some of the non-gendered books and covers we're proud of. Girls will be boys and boys will be girls, Mr Abbott.