11 June 2012

Wintery reading

There's nothing quite as nice as popping into your local bookshop on a cold and frosty day for a browse of the shelves. The hush, the smell of ink, and the feel of all that solid paper is always a treat. The new books from Omnibus you might see on the shelves this winter are all warming and guaranteed to smell slightly of ink.

The much-anticipated The Friendship Matchmaker Goes Undercover by the inimitable Randa Abdel-Fattah is out in June. How will Lara manage her new best-friendship with Tanya, as well as continuing her friendship matchmaking duties? She goes undercover, of course! And how do we think this will work out? Oh, Lara, you have a heart of 10-carat gold and we love you in spite of your many and varied faults.

There is also book 2 of the Tales of the Blue Jade series by Peter Cooper, The Mapmaker's Apprentice. Fill up your hot-water bottle and keep cosy as Dillen, Koto and Tajni trek through the icy mountain pass on their next quest. 

'Once again Cooper has captured the reader’s imagination and their heart, familiar characters leap of the page and new characters tweak the reader’s interest.
The Mapmaker’s Apprentice weaves together themes of courage, friendship, overcoming hardship ... resulting in yet another spectacular book in this anticipated series. Twists and turns within the plot keep young readers turning the pages hungrily to see what Dillen and his friends will face next.
Overall a stunning story, Cooper does not disappoint. A highly recommended read for younger and older readers alike. 10/10!' - bugreviews.wordpress.com

For those of you hanging out to see how Raven Lucas is going in her search for her missing father, wait no longer! Raven Lucas 2: Dead Wrong by the ever-spirited Christina Harris is out now.

But don't worry, summer will return and Wombat is here to remind you what that might be like. Yes, One Woolly Wombat is turning 30! He hasn't aged a day, has he? Happy birthday, you dear old wombat.