25 May 2015

On ya bus … to Sydney

For many years, Scholastic has kept its Omnibus imprint running from its original home in Adelaide. Now, after the better part of two decades, the Omnibus Books imprint is to join its fellow imprints (Scholastic Australia, Scholastic Press and Koala Books) at the Scholastic Australia publishing office in Sydney.

The Adelaide office of Omnibus Books will be open until the end of this year, and books currently in production will continue to be expertly curated by the present staff, editors Celia Jellett and Gina Inverarity and art director, Patricia Howes, with administrative support from Beverley Williams.

Omnibus Books looks forward to a continued bright future, and to publishing many more books of quality for young readers.

Not a full stop, but an ellipsis …


  1. Sorry to hear that Omnibus is closing. Good luck with your next stages!

  2. Congratulations on your team's good news - but as to the far less good news, I am really sincerely sad to hear that you are heading for the terminus after all these years producing great books and fostering writers. For the sake of the industry, I do hope that you all continue to work in the arena in some capacity. Regards
    Catherine Bauer

  3. Anonymous28 May, 2015

    Very saddened to hear that Omnibus is closing. Your slushpile has made for a comfortable landing spot - and unearthed many treasures. All the best with future ventures. Congratulations on the wonderful recognition received.

  4. Anonymous09 June, 2015

    What happened to the wonderful blitz bus image? Censorship? On a children's book blog How sad.

  5. Anonymous10 June, 2015

    Looks like the original post has been re-written. The keys to the blog must have been handed on.

    1. Haven't looked at this for years but yes...you are correct. Hence the blitz bus image sent by Peter Goldthorpe was deleted.

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