05 May 2011

A competition for illustrators

Illustration courtesy Michael Malleedy

Did anyone see the beautiful illustrated envelopes on the Guardian website recently?
This made me long for real mail that isn't my credit card statement or my electricity bill. In order to encourage any young/old/middle-aged illustrators out there I have decided to have a competition. The best illustrated envelope –- regular size please -- sent to me at 175 Young Street, Parkside, SA 5063, will win not only five hardback picture books but also a serious look at the artist's portfolio.

How's that for exciting?

Take a look at the Guardian link -- you will see how some illustrators managed this idea.  The idea is for you to show characters in situ -- something that suggests a story to us. So get your brushes, inks and paper and get started!

A note from your Conductor


  1. I love this idea! I have just forwarded it to all my 'teacher' friends on facebook as I think this would be a great school activity to reintroduce the younger generation back to the idea of snail mail.

  2. Anonymous09 May, 2011

    Where is the Guardian link?

  3. Anonymous09 May, 2011

    just click on the word Guardian.

  4. Hi, is this still going?