12 January 2011

Hello, 2011!

'Tis the start of a new decade, when it seemed we hadn't really got the hang of the last one yet. And we're told that babies being born now, our readers and future readers, are going to be called the Alphas. Wow! And there will be a lot of them. It could get squeezy on this old bus.

So in honour of the Alphas, here is a sneaky peek at what will be rolling off the Omnibus digital presses for these digital babies (and their older brothers and sisters) this year.

Doom Bunny and the Monster Catchers by genius-girl writer-illustrator Loren Morris is out in February. She prefers stripey socks and irreverent humour and eats monsters for breakfast. Loren is amazing.

And in March we will be super excited to see Randa Abdel-Fattah's new book The Friendship Matchmaker sitting on the bookshop shelves.

The final installment in the horrorific and hilarious Grim and Grimmer series, The Calamitous Queen, is out in June. Will Ike ever overcome his awkwardness? Or will his innards just be devoured by the screeching imp Nuckle, once and for all?

In August a new four-book series called Raven Lucas by Christine Harris will be hitting the shelves, technology all charged up. Because sassy, determined girl investigators don't carry magnifying glasses anymore, they carry smartphones.

And, oh, it's so exciting - a new series by Emily Rodda! Yes, folks, you heard right, a brand new series! The Golden Door will be out later in 2011.