25 March 2011

Congratulations, John

Our own John Heffernan's Where There's Smoke has been shortlisted for the Patricia Wrightson Prize for Children's Literature

Tis the season for shortlists and we're not above getting a thrill out of seeing our own listed, no siree.

23 March 2011

Ian Irvine

Hi Everyone!

Just letting you know that I'm blog touring Grim and Grimmer over the next couple of weeks. The full list is here.

I'm also active at Supanova in Brisbane and the Bellingen Readers and Writer's Festival over this period, so lots of promotion going on.



(Now there's a busy author! Go, Ian!)

A treat from our book files, the original illustration of the one and only Con Glomryt, by Martin McKenna

10 March 2011

March releases

We're setting down some lovely books this March. We're honoured to be publishing the beautiful, accomplished and eloquent Randa Abdel-Fattah's first junior fiction novel, The Friendship Matchmaker. With it's super-cute cover, we think this one will be a new favourite with the tweens. The Junior Bookseller and Publisher says: 'Great writing, topical content and a big dose of humour will make this book one of the successes of 2011.' Yes, we totally agree!

Hopping off the bus next in Omnibus's much-loved Mates series is Aussie Dog by Eleanor Nilsson, illustrated by Beth Norling. Here on the bus we are sensitive (teary) when it comes to books about dogs. But so long as they have a happy ending, we're okay.

The long-awaited third edition of the chaotic adventures of that worrisome pair Pilot & Huxley makes its debut this month. These two questionable heroes face their greatest challenge yet, being wiped out of existence all together. Just pass it straight to the kids, they get it.

Good grief, it's a huge month! Next cab off the rank is Grim and Grimmer: The Desperate Dwarf by Ian Irvine. In this, the third and second-to-last in this epic series, we meet the unforgettable dwarf Con Glomryt. You won't find this kind of guy in The Hobbit. Uh uh. And remember to check out Ian's amazing competition!

Last but by no means least, especially to her legions of fans, is Tamora Pierce's collection Tortall and Other Lands. Very little more needs to be said. Return to the land of Tortall and catch up with some old friends and make some new ones.