19 November 2010

Dangerously low light

The stack of books on my desk in front of the window now obscures all sunlight from my room.  I am afraid of it.  I think at night the pages turn by themselves and there is a low moan I have heard more than once in the late afternoon.  That could be me as my head hits the desk, however.

Must drink more water.  Eat less sugar.  Walk every now and again further than between the fridge and the computer.

Right now I am thinking about covers constantly so the link I was sent this week is fresh in my mind. And then inside that link is a further link I like.

It’s somehow comforting to know I am part of an enormous grinding wheel that crushes everyone at some point.  I am but a mote of dust against its burr.  I feel no pain.

Photo by austinevan, flickr.com

Some thoughts from our Driver.

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