20 November 2010

October books

Alighting gracefully from the ol' bus this month, we have, your favourite and ours,  Factotum by author/illustrator extraordinaire, David Cornish. 'Epic' doesn't cover it, neither does 'ambitious'. Let's just settle on 'monstrous'. It's the terminus.

And good grief, as if that wasn't weighty enough, we also have another grand finale stepping onto the footpath. It's The Battle for Rondo, and it will be the battle to end all battles.

And when you're still all sweaty and dirty from battling those monsters and wizards, settle in for some serious laughs with the hapless Ike and his faithful bestie, Mellie, in Grim and Grimmer The Grasping Goblin. It's book 2, and there's two more coming. Hold on to your funny bones, folks.

Also out this month: Harry and Hopper in paperback, our Mate and yours, Tomato Sauce, of Course! and The Staring Owl. Now hoo doesn't love an ambitious, champion starer, air-traffic controlling owl? There's no staring this one down, people.

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