23 April 2013

First Nations Australia Writers' Network

In early May I am attending the First Nations Australia Writers' Network round table workshop.  This is an initiative funded by the Australia Council and the purpose is to engage writers and publishers in conversation to improve communication in the area of Indigenous writing and publishing.  I am excited by this opportunity - Indigenous publishing is a tradition of which Omnibus is proud and one we have worked at for many years.  Soon we will publish  Leonie Norrington and Brenton McKenna's new work Bush Holiday, a wonderful collaboration of two creators whose knowledge and understanding of indigenous culture is both deep and wide.

Publishing Indigenous work is an area with many serious complications.  There are rather a lot of questions I am going to be asking when I get to the conference.

I am still sifting through the slush pile hoping against hope that I will find something wonderful.  Already we have come across some writers we are excited to be able to support and mentor.

Keep writing!


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