04 October 2012

Spring books

The spring air has warmed up the vegie oil in the ol' bus and we are jugging along at our top speed (a leisurely stroll) as we head into the best book-buying time of year (yes, it's time to talk Christmas in the retail world). Let's have a peek, shall we?

Following the success of Clancy the Courageous Cow comes a new picture book by the talented Lachie Hume. It doesn't matter how many times you (have to) read it, 'haystation' is always funny.

Speaking of Christmas (sorry, I mentioned it again), if you have to make an early purchase to post to a small person overseas, The Gift by Penny Matthews (illustrated by Martin McKenna) would make a super neat package.

For the bigger young people, we have the incomparable, inimitable Be Home for Armageddon by Luke Edwards. Guaranteed wackiness.

And for the history buffs, the latest from the ever-mysterious LS Lawrence, Hammering Iron. In this novel set in ancient Greece, Paramon's destiny is to discover a secret that will change everything, a secret that men will not hesitate to kill for ...

And that's not all! Check back soon for more lovely, lovely picture books and summer reading!


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  3. My kids love the Banjo story, in particular the "horspital"!

    By the way, are you still looking for Aussie Mates?