16 January 2012

Bait for the Reader

Sometimes you ought not research the person whose talk you are going to see.  In the internet age a great deal of everything anyone has ever said is already on youtube.  Googling the name of the speaker/presenter can take you, as it did me, direct to the very words he or she will be speaking.  That might not be a bad thing unless you'ver paid good money for tickets.  In my case the tickets were a welcome Christmas gift so I wasn't actually out of pocket.  Just a wee bit out of sorts because I had hoped to be surprised.  The speaker was Ira Glass.  The subject was the structure of story.  If you go to this link and watch all four parts you will have saved yourself the $45 for a ticket and learned something at the same time.
The art of the story
Ira Glass is  certainly interesting.  He can tell a story and he understands structure (he studied semiotics).  He made me think and I loved the way he used his iPad to run the whole show on stage.
But I wish I had remembered to buy tickets to David Sedaris.  I think he might have been more fun.

A note from your Conductor xx


  1. Anonymous03 May, 2012

    Oh and that is exactly why I am here... researching...
    I'm coming to see you next week Dyan.

    I'm looking forward to meeting you at Wordstorm in Darwin.

    Kristy Prowse

  2. i am looking forward to escaping the cold of Adelaide Kirsty.

  3. Anonymous05 May, 2012

    It is perfect weather at the moment.
    Don't forget to bring a brolly... you may still need it with the tropical rain.