22 August 2011

In the publisher's letterbox

A while back we invited submissions of envelope illustrations. You can see the original post here and the inspiration here. The best illustrated envelope wins not only five hardback picture books but also a serious look at the artist's portfolio. We thought it's about time to show some of the beautiful work we've received*. Thank you, so much, all you artists! And the competition is still open, so don't dawdle, doodle!

Bronwyn Esteban, Ferny Hills, Qld
Matthew Podgorski, Eden Hills, SA
'The Ghost Hunters', Nottingham, England
Marjory Gardner, Balwyn, Vic
Martin McKenna, UK

* At least one of these envelopes is from one of our wonderful friends and long-established illustrators who is not eligible for the competition. Sorry Martin, but we love your envelope!


  1. What a lovely idea and what a lovely collection you will have to treasure.

  2. I've just found your blog and have enjoyed looking about. This is a fantatic idea and my letter will be .... in the mail! janet

  3. I am now addicted to painting on envelopes - especially those yellow ones (such a fabulous mid-tone!) Yours will be in the post soon.

  4. oh wow this is awesome! so to enter we literally send you an envelope?!
    I'm totally going to do this!!!!!!! :-)