14 February 2011

Your conductor needs a ticket to the Bahamas

There is not enough chocolate in the world to make moving an entire office feel easy. In ten days we will find all our possessions in some large trucks on their way to the even smaller cottage down the road. Time to replace two-drawer filing cabinets with four-drawer cabinets to make more space and, of course, that means taking all the files out.  While they're out I thought I might as well re-organise them. Are we the only publisher who keeps detailed files on each book?  And why is it that those files are so hideously out of order? And while I'm at this particular whinge, have you ever tried to file email correspondence in order when threads are pages long and copied from halfway through or a third of the way or even again and again from the start with five minute intervals separating them?

I have to pack my library, again.  Hard decision time so I could do with some advice. Is it best to shelve a picture book library by title, author or illustrator?

Should I take my tiered cake-plate collection to the new office or finally take them home?  (Who, I wonder, keeps their cake plate collection at work?) I've taken down the wooden thingos that my husband made and hung in my room.  It's amazing how much dust something hanging from the ceiling can gather over six or seven years.  I know the big armchair won't fit in my new room so does anyone want a great big blue armchair?  It's very comfy and lots of VIP bottoms have plonked down in it over the years.  Hardly any wear and tear either.  VIPs have awfully soft bottoms it seems; I think its all those cashmere clothes they wear.

Well, here's my stop. I'm off. 

P.S. Please don't send any manuscripts till we either a) get settled or b) return from the Bahamas.

The aforementioned Bahamas (pic courtesy of here)

Some thoughts from our Driver.

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