15 September 2014

The Art of the Picture Book

After a shout-out for picture book texts we did indeed receive over 1000 texts from hopeful picture book writers all over the world.  Now that should make us happy - because our usual success rate is one in a thousand.  But this time the statistics have failed us.  The manuscripts are still coming in, and although there were some really lovely ideas and a handful that we wrote back to congratulating them on their very original idea, not one was publishable.  We haven't given up hope however.

It might be useful to listen in to the podcast of a session I did at Adelaide Writers' Week this year  (Sunday 2 March) on The Art of the Picture Book, with Tohby Riddle and Nick Bland. You can find it here.  These two very successful men both write and illustrate and neither of them had a straight line to success.

Now if you think (as some do) that you cannot send more than one text to Omnibus in a month, this is incorrect. We are happy to receive your work any time.

And we are still looking for that winning picture book.


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  1. I'm planning to send a PB manuscript or two your way but i just want to be super clear on a couple of things beforehand because it would be disheartening to have them shredded for not complying with your requirements. First, do you mean that it is ok for me to send you more than one manuscript at the same time as long as you are the only publisher being sent them?...and second does a PB manuscript need a cover letter or just a cover page? sorry if these Q's are a bit lame but i just want to be sure. BTW I really enjoyed The Art of the PB podcast cheers. SR