21 July 2014

Fan mail

Omnibus illustrator Martin McKenna recently received some lovely feedback on his new picture book Octopuppy. Thank you so much, Ms Bicknell, for getting in touch and sharing the children's work! 

Hi Martin,

My prep class (6 year olds) have been so excited to be reading Octopuppy this week. They cheer every time I get it out to read to them. They have loved every minute of our reading lessons this week.  

I have attached some pictures of the 'Lost' posters that they made. We hung them up around the school before turning them into a classroom display. The kids had to create a poster to help find Jarvis by picking something that he could do that a 'normal' puppy couldn't. It was a great activity. I hope you enjoy seeing some of the amazing learning that has happened through the use of your hilarious book. 

Kind regards,

Ella Bicknell 
Prep Teacher
Grahamvale Primary School


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