29 May 2013

Book review of 'Eric Vale: Super Male' by Asha Roberts, age 8

Eric Vale: Super Male is a funny and comical book and I recommend it to everyone! In the Eric Vale book there is always disasters happening and I reckon that there should be more parts where things work out for Eric. Poor Eric! I like how the book has been written like a primary school boy would say or have in a journal. This book has lots of parts where everything is going fine and then there are lots of parts where things are embarrassing and wrong. I like the illustrations because they really describe how the characters feel. Eric gets distracted in class because of his Secret Agent Derek 'Danger' Dale comic story that he keeps in his journal. In this book the writer doesn't really bring Eric's family into the story. There is only one small part about his sister. I think it would have been nice to bring Eric's family into this a bit. I like this book because it is like a journal (you could turn it into a journal). At Eric's school there is a super hero week and at Eric's sharing time it goes wrong! Overall I would give this book 10 out of 10. 

Asha Roberts, age 8

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