26 September 2011

The Three Doors Trilogy: The Golden Door

The Editors had a brush with awesomeness last week while attending a talk given by Emily Rodda right here in Adelaide. Emily's latest book, the first in a new trilogy, is The Golden Door and after taking many, many questions from her audience of thoughtful, clever and perceptive children, Emily signed books like a warrior for each and every child who had the courage to approach The Signing Table. There was certainly a buzz in the air. This is the book, out this month, currently being devoured by legions of Emily Rodda fans all over.

And this from Emily Rodda herself about this new trilogy:

'I have always been fascinated by the idea that our choices lead us along different paths in life. Whenever we make a choice, even if it’s as simple as deciding between two tracks on a bushwalk, we may be changing our future. The left-hand track might have the hidden rock that is going to trip us and cause an injury that will affect us for years to come. The right hand track might give us the chance to meet someone who is going to be our friend for life. Obviously many other people have felt the same, because many old legends and fairy tales are based on the theme of choice. I decided to use three doors as my central theme in this trilogy because, firstly, whenever I see a closed door I want to see behind it, and secondly because I have always thought of books as ‘doors’—ways into other places, other worlds. The idea for the trilogy also gave me the opportunity to further explore the magic of the ocean in which Deltora lies—and that is something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time.'

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  1. Three doors trilogy is an amazing series of books! Among my favourite books of all time ! Found some good Fan-fiction for it too at fanfiction.net by a member named Jasminehoran.